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Reed Switch

We is a professional reed switch manufacturer based in China. We have been certified by the international ISO9001quality management system. Under the standard international system, our reed switches, mercury switches and other machines have reliable quality. Our electronic switches have been exported to America, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, India, Iran, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, Spain and other countries. Our products have won the trust of our customers.

The following is a detailed description of our Reed Switch:

The Reed Switch usually has two or three reed contacts made of both magnetic and conductive materials. It is encapsulated in glass tube filled with inert gas such as nitrogen, helium, etc. or in a vacuum. In the glass tube, the ends of parallel reeds overlap together, leaving a gap or they contact each other to form normally open or normally closed contacts.

The Reed Switch can be used as a sensor for counting and spacing. For example, a reed switch can detect the opening of a door when used as a proximity switch for a burglar alarm

We are an experienced manufacturer that produces Reed Switches. The diameters of these products range from 2 to 8mm. The contact forms are Moves gathers and Transforms. For more information, please refer to the parameters below.

Wet/Dry Reed Switch

Overall Type(No.) Diameter (mm) Length(mm) Contact oFrms Voltage Current(A)
XGH-1 2 14 Moves gathers 60VDC 0.01
XGH-2 2.5 16 Moves gathers 60VDC 0.01
XGH-3 3 20 Moves gathers 60VDC 0.05
XGH-3Z 3 20 Transforms 60VDC 0.03
XGH-4 4 38 Moves gathers 60VDC 0.2
XGH-4Z 4 36 Transforms 60VDC 0.1
XGH-5 5 50 Moves gathers 60VDC 0.5
XGH-5Z 5 50 Transforms 60VDC 0.3
XGH-8 8 50 Moves gathers 220VAC 1
XGH-8Z 8 50 Transforms 220VAC 2
XSH-1 6.5 42 500V 2-4

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