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Foot Switch

We is a professional foot switch manufacturer based in China. The foot switch is a switch where you use your foot to operate the circuit. It can be used in the control circuit which the hands can't touch, so you can use your hands for other purposes. It can be easily installed in the ground or on a support platform to improve operational stability. Our foot switch is widely used in a variety of medical equipment, punching equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment and printing machinery.

The Foot Switch we produce is made from anti-aging aluminum or corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant ABS as shell material, which can be used in -25-75 ℃. It is wear-resistant and high strength. The rated load of our foot switch is 10A/15A, 250VAC. It has passed CCC, CE, UL, TUV certifications. If you are interested our foot switch, please feel free to click on specific pages for more information or contact us directly. We look forward to working with you.

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