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Limit Switch XZ9

The XZ9 Series limit switch uses an economical plastic shell and is lightweight. It is waterproof and anti-oil. It adopts double-loop form and built-in micro switch and reed. It is equipped with driver linkage of various forms.

XZ9 limit switch is used in various fields such as mechanical equipment, automatic equipment and instrumentation.

If you install the XZ9 limit switch on the front, please use M5 screws. If you install it on the back, please use M6 screws. If you install the switch according to your own specifications, use hot laps and flat laps to fasten it. You must disconnect the power when the switch is installed, or when you remove it, or during the wiring operation and maintenance inspection. The switch is waterproof and anti-oil, but it is not a fully enclosed structure. Do not use it in a flammable and/or explosive environment.



Item Data
Contact Material Silver alloy
Contact form 1A1B
Rated voltage 10 (4)A/250VAC 6(2)A/380VAC
Operation speed 5mm-0.5m/s
Operation frequency Mechanical 120 times/ min
Electrical 30 times/ min
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ(DC500V)
Contact resistance ≤25MΩ (initial value)
Withstand voltage Non-Connection Wire 1000VAC
Every Terminal 1500VAC
Vibration Misoperation 10-55Hz Amplitude 1.5mm
Impact Durable 1000m/s
Misoperation 300m/s
Life Electrical 500 , 000 times above
Mechanical 1 , 20 , 000 times above
Protection Degree IP65
Operation Temperature -25-80℃
Operation Humidity 85%

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